During a reading session we can determine what some of your blocks, or better yet what might be stopping you path. I uses various methods in a reading such as Intuitive, shells, cards or trance each depending on the situation or compliant. Once we find the core of the situation stopping you we find solutions to create the healing.

Sometimes healings are very simple such as recognizing what is blocking you, some more complicated where rituals may be required to un-block you. Reading last between 60-75 minutes.

Individual counseling and coaching sessions: Before we determine what is needed all clients will first have an intuitive reading. This is done in order to find your base and in doing so we establish the direction we must enter. Rituals and Healings: When a situation is seriously blocking an individual there are times where we may have to physically remove that block. This is done with ritual. Some rituals are more complex than others but in most cases they are fairly simple. Once a ritual is conducted the healing automatically begins.


Orisha Dillogun Readings/Eggun Readings

The Diloggun, or "Sixteen Cowries," (also called Los Caracoles in Spanish) is one form of Orisha Divination practiced in Santeria. It involves "throwing" cowry shells and counting the number that appear face up. There are 256 combinations in which the shells fall. Each combination tells a story and how that fits into your life. It will also give the prescription that is needed for the healing for a particular situation.