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Abundance: That’s the word I woke up with this morning. It rang in my ear like an alarm clock. It spoke to me as a reminder to the experience I have had in the recent weeks. What is “abundance”? According to Merriam Webster dictionary: Definition of abundance 1: an ample quantity: an abundant amount: the profusion A city that has an abundance of fine restaurants 2: affluence, wealth A life of abundance 3: relative degree of plentifulness low abundances of uranium and thorium —H. C. Urey The Oxford Dictionary: NOUN 1 A very large quantity of something. 1.1 noun the
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  It took a bit of trouble getting here. It was as if a spirit was holding me back. But in the end, spirit opened the doors for me to make this journey. I was invited by Chief Dancing Thunder who I have known for 13 plus years. I was wondering why he was s insistent that I come to Montana this year. All I knew was the work he has been doing with the Star Nations as well as the beings that bring healing and medicine to our world. Now those of you who know me or have taken
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