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For about 16 years, I have been teaching courses in Afro-Caribbean Shamanism around Europe.  I am passionate about teaching people the rich traditions of the Yoruba, Bantu and Congo-based traditions and religions.  Concentrating on ancestral veneration in particular. Why ancestors you ask? To answer that I need to first explain a few things.   When we look at the word Ancestors, we are talking about something much larger than just our family members that have moved on to the higher plan. The word Ancestor means “those that have gone before us” so with that in mind we need to look at
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  I remember after my father stormed out I was a bundle of nerves. My mother was somewhat cool and collected at the time. I also remember the spiritualist offering some kind of healing. Of course, I had no idea what healing was at that time. It was something with red roses and candles but to be honest that is all I remember. I think it was to bring calm and unity. HA! HA! I continued going with my grandmother to various Spiritualist, she was determined that I have as much exposure as I could handle at my young age. 
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Havana, Cuba 12-26 April 2017

April 12-27 2017 Havana, Cuba On this my most recent trip to Havana, I connected with a new teacher of one of my Afro-Cuban traditions. It was I must say one of the biggest turning points of my life. Let me explain; 42 years ago I was initiated into Palo Mayombe. Palo Mayombe is an African tradition that came to Cuba along with the slave trade. Unlike Orisha worship, Palo Mayombe is a true ancestor tradition. It is mysterious in that the rituals are intense, and very secretive. What I will say is that one receives strong insights of the
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